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Political Ambitionz az a Rioter

In the past, I’ve argued that riots, or insurrections, are rational responses to systemic subjugation. The riots in 2012 Anaheim and 2011 London saw numerous media outlets consistently paint these uprisings as irrational and criminal outbursts with no meaningful connection to politics. The scholarship is clear, riots/spontaneous insurrections are rational expressions of group solidarity. However, the political […]
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Paul Ryan, Welfare Reform, and Neoliberal Racism’s Post-Racial Playbook

When it comes to racism: No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative — it get’s the people going.   Racism has no simple definitions. In a sense, understanding racism is an attempt to grasp the foundation of the modern world — no easy task. It’s no wonder that we find racial hierarchy so difficult to […]
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