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Challenging Feminism, Intersectionality, and Black Academics: An Interview w/ Dr. Tommy Curry

On my radio show “Like It Is w/ Robert Stephens”, I recently spoke with Dr. Tommy Curry, a professor and critical race theorist who engages in the study of Black people. We discussed his approach to studying Black people, the limitations of lenses like feminism and intersectionality, and the failures of Black academics to create […]
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#PrayForVenezuela and the Dangers of Hashtag Humanitarianism

I wrote about the “Social Justice Outrage Machine” and its pattern of frivolous fervor. No one is going to die because you shared an article defending Beyoncé’s feminism, but “Hashtag Humanitarianism” actually puts lives in jeopardy. These web stories drive huge internet traffic and influence opinion polls. Under neoliberalism, measurable figures like polls and internet traffic provide the rhetorical justification […]
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