Is it OK to Punch a Nazi in the Face?

by Vincent Kelley on September 11, 2017

“Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the face?” This has undoubtedly been the American left’s favorite rhetorical question to ask since alt-right poster boy Richard Spencer was punched following Trump’s inauguration earlier this year. I personally spent several hours on the internet enjoying various musical remixes to this Nazi getting punched, and would…

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Responsibility: My Journey from “Pro-Life” to Abortion on Demand, with No Apologies

by Robert Allen on August 21, 2017

  It costs a dollar to cross the narrow toll bridge over the Big Muddy into Bellevue, most folk headed to the air show at Offut the rightists were feeling their oats the doctor gunned down in church, watch for rooftop snipers Blue Angels in the sky, run to Walgreen’s for earplugs, buy ’em all!…

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OP: Looking Back, Moving Forward

by Vincent Kelley on August 14, 2017

I remember something shifting inside me when I first scrolled through the pages of Orchestrated Pulse some three years back. I was in a place of increasing certainty about what kind of political mistakes the left kept making. This certainty was gained both by observing and contributing to fatal flaws in “movements” I had been…

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Debating Deplorables: How the Left Can (and Cannot) Win Trump Voters

by Ray Valentine on October 28, 2016

Over at Jacobin, Seth Ackerman has a useful response to political scientists’ and journalists’ attempts to account for the popularity of the Trump phenomenon. He challenges the view that Trump and his ilk are riding a wave of racist, nationalist resentment, noting that despite the international electoral success of right-wing populists, longitudinal studies of public…

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Rather, Trump, Fail

by Ray Valentine on August 11, 2016

Trump made another dumb joke and now we all have to read about it. The self-appointed referees of American politics have flooded the media with declarations that the Donald’s little hint that one of his supporters should shoot Hillary Clinton CROSSES THE LINE. It’s galling to see another round of pearl clutching not about Trump’s…

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