This is the Part Where We Beg for Your Money

by Drew Franklin on July 3, 2015

On August 24th, 2014, I was surprised with a message from a rising intellectual whose writing had recently begun to get a lot of attention: Robert Stephens i want to make this magazine, but i can’t do it alone will you help me? Drew Franklin Duh Robert Stephens okay, tight let’s meet this week Drew…

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Keep DC Black: A Tribute to Marion Barry

by Drew Franklin on November 24, 2014

A Washington Post article from 1998 began with a sentence that should now be regarded as an essential truth of American history: “To understand the District of Columbia, one must understand Marion Barry.” To understand the United States, in turn, one cannot overlook the history of its capital city. Never mind Capitol Hill—to lifelong DC…

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If Rioting is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be White

by Drew Franklin on October 20, 2014

The jokes write themselves, really. Who could expect a riot of pumpkin-wielding white people to be anything but a punchline generator? The pumpkin spice latte puns were just begging to be made. On the other hand, to seriously engage with Saturday’s riots in Keene and Morgantown, and subject them to a thoughtful political analysis, is…

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It’s October and Things are Happening

by Orchestrated Pulse on October 1, 2014

Save the date: on midnight of October 10th, this blog will undergo a major face-lift, to coincide with the debut of Orchestrated Pulse’s new periodical. We’ve been talking about putting out something like a web magazine for months, and it always seemed just out of reach. Look, these things take time and cost money, y’all. But after…

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