I Ain’t Afraid of No Trump

by Vincent Kelley on July 6, 2016

MIT linguist Noam Chomsky and Bard College music professor John Halle have recently written a crisp professorial defense of Lesser Evil Voting, or LEV, for the 2016 United States presidential election. The LEV strategy advocates voting for Hillary Clinton in swing states, or states in which a vote could potentially break a tie between Clinton…

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Fight for $15, Minus the Fight

by Ray Valentine on July 4, 2016

The Fight for $15 can add another notch to its belt — the $15 wage is coming to Washington, DC in 2020, and will be pegged to inflation thereafter. Tens of thousands of low wage workers will be getting hourly raises. Remarkably, the victory arrived absent any significant public conflict: the measure to raise the…

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Right-Wing Elites Love Your Abigail Fisher Hot Take

by Jon Booth on June 27, 2016

On Thursday the short-handed Supreme Court defied expectations by declaring the affirmative action program at the University of Texas constitutional. The decision was understandably greeted with celebrations by liberal activists—though tempered by frustration over the court’s immigration decision released the same day. In addition, Abigail Fisher predictably came in for another round of Internet mockery….

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You Call This an Uprising?

by Ray Valentine on June 1, 2016

In early April, as a deadlocked Congress considered pressing business like not confirming a Supreme Court justice and Chuck Schumer’s bill to guarantee a minimum amount of space per-passenger on commercial flights (it didn’t pass), a crowd of demonstrators marched on Capitol Hill with a familiar slogan: money out of politics. Organizers of the Democracy…

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DeRay Takes Baltimore

by on February 19, 2016

Teach For America’s most famous political operative returns to his old stomping grounds to finish the job from inside City Hall.

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