Podcast Episode 1: To Russia with Love

by Editors on January 9, 2017

The gang discusses Migos, hacking, and the imminent threat of nuclear war, and consider the significance of Orchestrated Pulse’s contributions to commentary on race in America.

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Debating Deplorables: How the Left Can (and Cannot) Win Trump Voters

by Ray Valentine on October 28, 2016

Over at Jacobin, Seth Ackerman has a useful response to political scientists’ and journalists’ attempts to account for the popularity of the Trump phenomenon. He challenges the view that Trump and his ilk are riding a wave of racist, nationalist resentment, noting that despite the international electoral success of right-wing populists, longitudinal studies of public…

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Rather, Trump, Fail

by Ray Valentine on August 11, 2016

Trump made another dumb joke and now we all have to read about it. The self-appointed referees of American politics have flooded the media with declarations that the Donald’s little hint that one of his supporters should shoot Hillary Clinton CROSSES THE LINE. It’s galling to see another round of pearl clutching not about Trump’s…

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We Are the Left? Yeah, Right…

by R.L. Stephens II on July 22, 2016

I’m Black. I capitalize Black and leave white lower cased. Sure, it’s the accepted spelling, but really I do it because it feels good. My family lived in Missouri, but my mother crossed state lines to birth me in Kansas. Missouri was a slave state. Kansas was free, and she wanted her children born into…

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Odd Future Lone Wolf

by Ray Valentine on July 18, 2016

Of all the horrors that have paraded across the political scene in 2016, few are more disturbing than the seemingly sudden uptick in lone-wolf attacks. With high-profile attacks by individuals in Baton Rouge, Nice, Leeds, Orlando, and Dallas all within the space of a few weeks, the phenomenon is exploding into mainstream public consciousness. It…

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