Right-Wing Elites Love Your Abigail Fisher Hot Take

by Jon Booth on June 27, 2016

On Thursday the short-handed Supreme Court defied expectations by declaring the affirmative action program at the University of Texas constitutional. The decision was understandably greeted with celebrations by liberal activists—though tempered by frustration over the court’s immigration decision released the same day. In addition, Abigail Fisher predictably came in for another round of Internet mockery….

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You Call This an Uprising?

by Ray Valentine on June 1, 2016

In early April, as a deadlocked Congress considered pressing business like not confirming a Supreme Court justice and Chuck Schumer’s bill to guarantee a minimum amount of space per-passenger on commercial flights (it didn’t pass), a crowd of demonstrators marched on Capitol Hill with a familiar slogan: money out of politics. Organizers of the Democracy…

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Losing My Anti-Racism

by on February 10, 2016

The Box It was my junior year at Carleton College in Minnesota. I had just returned from four months studying in Bolivia. My identity was in flux as I tried to integrate my changing worldview after experiencing political struggle at a level far more advanced than anything I’d seen stateside. My first week in the…

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Beyoncé Slays Black People

by on February 9, 2016

One evening in September 2015, I sat down to watch the season premier of Doctor Who. What I saw disturbed me. Beginning with the opening scene, Black men were repeatedly killed within moments of appearing on screen. It was the old Black guy dies first trope. I was mad, pausing the show to mutter to…

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Hebrew Charter Schools Teach American Students to be ‘Representatives of Israel’

by on January 3, 2016

With the school privatization movement taking over public school districts across the United States, wealthy donors have seized on education reform to finance the creation of publicly-funded classrooms that teach young children to look to Israel “as a model for both democracy and diversity.”

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